Renting a Car Costa Rica

people or companies that need to rent one or several vehicles, have at least five options in the local market: renting, rent a car, one way, leasing and even rent per hour, which will allow you to leave the agency with the keys of the car in their hands.

The decision to use one or the other modality involves determining aspects such as the time the car requires, the specific need for transportation, as well as the budget.

The requirements to rent any of the services are similar: leave a credit card as security deposit to pay damages or deductibles in insurance, present the certificate or license up to date and be more than 25 years.

There are companies in the metropolitan area that rent the car for hours: it is reserved a day before, it happens to pick up one of the agencies, it is used and it can be returned to another point of the city.

If you occupy the vehicle for hours, because it has a restricted license plate, does not own a car or the one that has suffered a defect, it can appear to the company Sigo, located in the agency Datsun, in Paseo Colón. Vist To get Best Deal when reting your vehicle.

There, for the payment of an annual membership of $ 75 can rent a car for hours. You only have to make a reservation by phone or via the Internet the day before.

This is a very new alternative, explains Ana Lucrecia Vargas, marketing director of the brand Dannisa, owner of Sigo, because customers do not have to think about maintenance, or fuel, they can come here and take a labeled car.

The models that are rented are brand Nissan, automatic or manual, relatively new and for every hour that is rented will be charged $ 9. From 11 p. m. to 5 a. m. apply a differentiated rate of $ 4.50. There is also a college program, which is leased for $ 8.5 an hour.

Renting and rent a car. The Avis agency offers renting for companies with a maximum term of one year. Contracts are made weekly or monthly and without limit on the number of units in the fleet.

“This allows them to be unconcerned about the maintenance and insurance of the cars and dedicate themselves to their activity in a more profitable way,” said José Seas, general manager of this company.

This service also offers Adobe Rent a Car. This company also offers the normal rent: rent for a day or a week, for those who want to take their family on vacation or have to rent one because they are repairing theirs.

The average rental cost per day varies by model and agency, but overall, according to Seas, is $ 45, and $ 315 per week.

As a reference, Kattia Enríquez of Adobe Rent a Car explained, a small sedan could cost $ 38 per day and $ 182 per week, with basic insurance included. An SUV could cost $ 57 per day and $ 363 under the same conditions.

Leasing. This modality allows to have a car for a longer term. The entity leases the right to use it with the commitment that it will pay an income, during a determined period.

At the end of the contract, the customer will have the option to buy the good, paying a certain price or renew the leasing contract for a newer model.

Erick Montero, Regional Leasing Director of Scotiabank, said that this option is desired by those companies that need to acquire goods for their productivity, whether used for executive vehicles, fleets or machinery.

Cathay Bank offers this service but not individual options, but only for companies, according to Jorge López, head of Credit and Leasing of this financial entity.

“New and used models are financed, no more than five years old,” he said.

For his part, Javier Sancho, manager of Business Banking and Leasing of BAC San Jose, said that with this alternative offer 40% discount on insurance.

With chauffeur included. For those who do not have a license, there is also an option: one way, offered by Hertz, which can be sent to the place where the customer indicates the car with a driver who will take it wherever it takes and take it back .

Said service, according to the Marketing manager, Lourdes Hernández, is offered in the metropolitan area, but also transfer clients from the international airport Juan Santamaría.



Jaco Massage

We believe that health is a natural state of being. We recognize in us an innate capacity for wellness. When unbalanced energy is blocked, pain and disease.
Body changes the opportunities for welfare and health. Apply techniques to relieve pain, free energy and equilibrium, provide deep relaxation and increase circulation. Our mission is to help people feel integrated and harmonized, to restore the natural energy flow.
Jaco Massage
Available in 60 or 90 minutes
Full body massage that combines different techniques such as acupressure, Joint Press Release, Deep Tissue, Myo facial release and neuromuscular. This treatment relieves tension, contraction and relieves muscle pain, increase energy flow and range of motion.
The application of pressure, the extent and movement of the feet and hands to carry out the corresponding body parts.
deep tissue
It goes beyond the superficial tissues to release tension in the muscles deeply buried. This massage is strong and focused, especially for surfers, yogis and sports.
More massages …
* These types of massage are our specialties, however, are fully available to design your own care tailored to their individual body needs.
Health Offers
Please arrive three hours after eating.
60 min. Holistic Massage with therapeutic techniques.
25 min. Deep massage internal abdominal organs.
Fresh fruit juice spirulina cleaning.
Keep silence for three hours after treatment.
Leave 90 min.

Jaco Massage | Massage in Jaco Beach Costa Rica

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 What is A Massage ?.. A massage is the activity that is to rub, press or hit with some pace and intensity of various parts of the body for therapeutic purposes, aesthetic or sports.

 Sport, Relax Massage in Jaco Costa Rica

Massage can be considered as a technique, an art or even a science, since it involves matters biological, medical, psychological and other areas. It is believed that massage can help relax muscles, relieve pain and induce sleep.Jaco Massage

Massage can fulfill multiple functions. There are massage therapy (to improve circulation, help to regain mobility and reduce strain), physiological massage (relieves tiredness),sports massage (prepare the athlete for competition), massages (provide comfort and regulate voltage), preventive massage (relaxing a tense area…

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Fishing Costa Rica

Off the coast of Manuel Antonio’s world-class fishing, providing beginners and experienced fishermen during a fishing trip to Costa Rica that will create memories to last a lifetime. The nearby town of Quepos is a new marina with a large fleet of fishing boats at sea and near the coast, where he works with teams qualified bilingual professionals.


Fishing Costa Rica from Jaco Beach

Fishing Costa RicaFishing in Jaco Beach Costa Rica is an interesting excursion to visit Jaco Beach. Pacific waters off the coast of Costa Rica are literally filled with a variety of dynamic anglers delight. A paradise for fishermen who wait, and those lucky enough to participate in the legendary waters is literally garbage collection, including rare and exotic capture precious as Marlin, roosterfish, tarpon, snook, wahoo, Dorado, Barracuda, Snapper and more. Costa Rica has been considered one of the top international destinations for the professional angler – and the area off the coast of Jaco Beach is probably the best of the best when it comes to questioning a once in a lifetime trophy fish .

Fishing enthusiasts traveled extensively advertised well Costa Rica, and in particular the Jaco area, to be today conquests mecca most wanted and elusive. A day in the waters off…

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Fishing Costa Rica Jaco

As most of the above areas, not just a one-mile run blue 12-20, where most of the action is the Marlins. Sports Bajura includes tuna, roosterfish, wahoo, dorado, jacks, mackerel, snapper, a variety of small snapper species and even snook. The bass can simply drag offline spend the months of the rivers of the region, but most are fishing from the shore. Some boats out of Quepos also offer multi-day trips to Drake Bay and Caño Island, spend the night in one of the many hotels in Drake Bay centered. This region is known for its wahoo, big cubera and roosterfish, but there are also tuna, dorado, sails and some marlin.

Fishing Costa Rica Experts

Fishing Costa Rica Jaco  and Manuel Antonio Quepos

Sport Fishing in Manuel Antonio and Quepos Costa Rica is a small region of the Pacific Fishing Costa Rica Expertscoast, which offers one of the most exotic in the world of fishing. In fact, fishing is a popular sport in the world.

City near Quepos and Manuel Antonio fishing are some of the sports most visited attractions of Costa Rica. These places are mostly famous as the best places for sailboats peaceful liberation. They provide the adventure of the year to enjoy the sea, many species of marine life, and the best fishing in the tropical waters.

Many fishing companies are located in the charming seaside town of Manuel Antonio and Quepos. These companies offer various types of fishing packages, including sea and Fishing Jaco Beachcoastline. You can rent boats for a half day, three quarters, and all day, with multi-day trips. sport fishing are available…

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Costa Rica Fishing Jaco

Coastal fishing Manuel Antonio offers the opportunity to catch roosterfish, snapper and bass, with a spectacular backdrop of beaches, mountains, flora and jungle. Found among the rocky outcrops south of Quepos and Manuel Antonio just before rooster is a beautiful and powerful fish with a dorsal fin with several peaks, and can reach up to about 75 pounds, demonstrating the technical and physical capacity of any fisherman in front of the light. Gallo is back in the water, and are available year round. Besides Gallo, snapper rocks sometimes. Snook are along surf sites near the mouths of rivers and offer great technical challenge, while watching the waves on the boat. Both the snapper and snook are perfect for fish fillets and bring to a local restaurant or your hotel or villa.


Fishing From Jaco Beach

If you have never fished in Costa Rica and made the trip to Costa Rica, then you should come and try. Much to offer a tropical “fishing paradise” is supposed to be and Jaco Beach FIshing Costa Ricamore. Southern Costa Rica Sport Fishing is at the west end to the south of Costa Rica, where development has not invaded everything and where the jungle is still in its original natural state. Our region, the Osa Peninsula, in many resource-rich areas that are full of marine fisheries, and have not yet been exploited by hordes of inexperienced anglers can be somewhat hostile to natural balance areas Fishing in Costa Rica.

There is an abundance of sport fishing in Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula, which is good news and we are here as Captain Brian and practice of southern Costa Rica sport fishing catch and release if possible. Captain Brian always work…

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Fishing in Costa Rica Jaco

Costa Rica Great Fishing everywhere you go… This country is well known for it’s wide range of adventures and activities including fishing…

specialize in the skillfull pursuit of Black Pacific Snook, African Pompano and Roosterfish in Central pacific site of Costa Rica…

Costa Rica Fishing Experts

Fishing in Costa Rica Jaco

Costa Rica is recognized as one of the best fishing destinations in the world, with 95 world records from within Costa Rica and coastal waters. With two coasts to choose from, few places in the world are as varied water and abundant marine life. Costa Rica believes in the preservation of fisheries resources Visit Website lo learn more “and encourages all fish and edible fish being released. Costa Rica sport fishing is good throughout the year and the best fishing season is based on that you will travel.

Northern Caribbean is known for its “tarpon and snook, while the Pacific coast is famous for breaking the record for Sailfish, Costa Rica Fishing Experts JacoMarlin, Dorado, Wahoo and tuna. Barra Colorado, on the north coast of the Caribbean is a vast area of wetlands formed in the Rio San Juan and Colorado river flows into the sea nirvana ‘s…

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Wedding Manuel Antonio

Costa Rica Wedding Planners in Hersosa, Jaco, Herradura beach..



Costa Rica is a very romantic place for your wedding and honeymoon, with miles of deserted beaches and private cabanas mountain near Manuel Antonio National Park or in the cloud forest. Take the concerns of planning their wedding, and then just relax or have an adventure filled honeymoon!
Why not get married in Costa Rica, one of the most pristine of the Central American countries where they promote a sincere commitment to the environment through eco-tourism.
Imagine getting married on a white sand beach, the sunset in bright shades behind you as the waves gently lick her feet or hotel in the heart of a lush tropical forest with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and the easy access to the abundant flora and fauna of the jungle.
Imagine a wedding where all you have to do is show up, where…

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Puntarenas Beaches

Puntarenas in is spectacular region is very close to the Central Valley,
Besides hosting the one of the best beaches in Costa Rica Puntarenas, have some the of the most visit national parks…


Puntarenas Residential tourist zone

Beaches and Islands

Puntarenas is one of the most important tourist regions of Costa Rica.

Its coasts are abundant decorated islands, bays, beaches and beautiful natural treasures that make it a tourist destination.

Its territory offers a wide range of appeal to the land under the sun and the beach, which are integrated with protected areas and islands and inland areas. in this area you find popular beaches and Natual Parks like Jaco Beach, Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Carara National Park

Puntarenas Port

This spectacular region is very close to the Central Valley, especially for two hours and 120 km from the capital.

Its main center is the city of Puntarenas, which functions as a place to stay, distribution, scale and excursions.

In its development, tourism, hotels and more traditional booths near the sea and the famous all-inclusive.

Areas of the Nicoya Peninsula, Raquera, Lepanto…

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Central Pacific

Costa Rica Jaco in the central Pacific offers much more than these ecosystems are the habitat of many species of plants and animals, and many of the best adventures in Costa Rica… More here..

live music jaco beach, Tours Things to do Around

Tourist Attractions in the Central Pacific, Costa Rica ..
There are two interesting cities and tourist development Jaco Beach and Quepos. is a region with wet and rainy climate characteristics, therefore, the beaches and hills next to the coast greater  biodiversity.

There are tropical transition of tropical dry forest to tropical rainforest. These ecosystems are the habitat of many species of plants and animals, which are protected in several wilderness areas such as Manuel Antonio and Carara National Park. There are Also several Tours Companies that will take you to many these best activities such as, Sport Fishing, Canopy Tours, White Water Rafting, Costa Rica Massage, and many more..

On the coast is made ​​up of numerous beautiful beaches, several of these are less than 2 hours from San Jose the capital of Costa Rica, so you can quickly reach them.

Other important attractions are of cultural and…

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Costa Rica Jaco Tours

Costa Rica is a great place for vacationing and Jaco beach is currently one of my favorably place to visit.. One best activity is the waterfalls tours and canyoning, Great water tours such as water rafting kayaking and much more available here..


Jaco Tours Departs daily ……
… For best destinations!

Hotel Poseidon is an experienced hotel and tour operator offers its customers a variety of natural programs, Costa Rica Vacations Packages and the best Costa Rica Tours,”classic” articles that are available on a daily basis. (No artificial ingredients) with a minimum of 2 passengers, offer trips to Manuel Antonio National Park, Corcovado National Park, canopy tours, White Water Rafting and many other popular destinations and day trips throughout the year. Many destinations can be combined with a variety of exciting excursions!

Most famous tourist destinations in Costa Rica:

Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs channels Caño de la Rivière Noire. A fundamental part of most trips in protected areas of Costa Rica has become a natural paradise for active transport and adventure including sailing, canoeing, cycling, fishing, sunset cruises and walks in the forest birding and natural hot springs.


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